Buenos Diaz

For the longest, I had been wary of falling for the hype whenever I would come across the name of Sofia Coppola’s sophomore feature. It being Hollywood, and the plaudits emanating in unison from professional circles, my pupils dilated on cue for possible warning sings; my qualms about such worksContinue Reading

We can spend the keystrokes refuting its failings or, instead, expend similar resources recounting time spent marveling at the gawk-inducing reels while mesmerized by a scientific premise brimming with the inventive bonafides of a truly curious mind.Continue Reading

Whenever viewers lament verbal exposition as too on the nose, overly oratory, or detrimental to pacing you’re easily reminded of the alternative; the type which develops through action. Though you’d be wiser than to accept as better exposition anything merely meeting the requirement of being “other.” Buenos DiazContinue Reading

The employment of a narrative of diptychs, title cards, and the artistic decision to shoot in monocolor alone would have vaulted Sang-soo Hong’s ode to cinema halfway to realization without factoring in his recurrent and self-referential character stocks. Screenwriters and filmmakers. Such archetypes while not constants in his work stillContinue Reading