Video Games

ARGH!! I’m in Latria Tower now. I accumulated more than 13,000 Souls only to fall off a cliff while trying to retrieve them. So much for clearing this stage in three hours. Why do I keep playing this game? No time to kick myself over it. I feel I’m readyContinue Reading

It was supposed to be every 20 hours of gameplay, but the inception of this idea occurred to me after a monumental achievement. After clocking in 23+ hours, I beat my second Demon boss. Armor Spider, I believe was its name. If you have familiarized yourself with this site, youContinue Reading

It’s that time again. No, I wasn’t talking about the FIFA World Cup. That’s not til June, man! It is the month of May preceding the mega event, so that means the FIFA World Cup video game is out for all your fantasy scenarios to play out. Don’t want FranceContinue Reading

Jill Valentine

Visual aides will be posted from a PC later eventually. Lying somewhere between “game freak” and “having had a fair share of video games,” I’ve had a surprisingly low number of instances of rushing home from the store to play my newest, most anticipated game. One to be precise. TheContinue Reading