July 2014

Terrence Malick

For an evocative exercise in imagery, Days of Heaven is both surprisingly and expectedly short in equal measure. It is worth noting that while not heavy on scenic diorama, it is light on dialogue and action also. The former is expressed with the help of deliberate editing, sending the filmContinue Reading

With the deafening silence of 28 teams and a daily games slate now a bygone, a certain nervy evening, today, has the feel of a distant memory. As we fixed the dish and satellite receiver while a pandemonium thousands of miles away bellied to a festive behemoth, I thought toContinue Reading

ARGH!! I’m in Latria Tower now. I accumulated more than 13,000 Souls only to fall off a cliff while trying to retrieve them. So much for clearing this stage in three hours. Why do I keep playing this game? No time to kick myself over it. I feel I’m readyContinue Reading

There was plenty to both love and hate from this latest round of play in the World Cup. Indeed, 2014 has cooked up a storm of surprises. Consider the worst of the sport next… Of the eight games in the second round of this increasingly puzzling tournament, only three wereContinue Reading