June 2014

Okay so Gameday 3 is simultaneously scheduled in each group. Given that no one can be at two places at once, the games in bold are the ones I watched. The ones I’ve forgone are in italics. Basically what I’m going to say under those headings is utter bullshit analysis.Continue Reading

Nothing has happened in groups A and B that wasn’t already covered in the previous post. We’re that lazy, and it shows in out work ethic. But how about the action from Week 2? Germany and Ghana gave us a thrilling second half. Costa Rica claims another scalp. Bosnia &Continue Reading

The beauty of a tournament so short like the World Cup is that while at first, and only then, there is room for second chances, not every team will react similarly to the inevitable hiccup. Croatia and Cameroon, Greece and Japan, Uruguay and England, Ecuador and Honduras, Bosnia & Herzegovina,Continue Reading

Group A Brazil In theory these guys can draft from a pool of a million prospects for every position on the field, and for the most part it has reaped them much success in practice. On defense they have Thiago Silva, who also chips in on offense. But his mainContinue Reading